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Ideal for Vegetarians

Whole Wheat Chocolate Patishapta

Recipe by Megha Sharma

25 min 2 Main Ingredient: Sunreap Whole Wheat Atta & Sooji Cuisine: Indian


Preparing: 25 min


For the Batter

1 cup Sunreap Whole Wheat Flour (Atta)

1/2 cup Sunreap Sooji (semolina)

1/4 cup Rice flour

1 1/2

2 cups Milk

To cook Oil

For the Filling

2 Cups khoya, grated

2 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp Sugar

3-4 Green cardamoms

Nutrition Facts


To prepare the Filling

Step 1In a wok mix grated khoya with sugar and place it over low flame. If making add little milk.

Step 2Add cardamom and cocoa powder in it.

Step 3Keep stirring the mixture till it gets sticky. Keep aside to cool. The process will take 15-20 minutes.

To prepare the Patishapta

Step 1 Take Sunreap Atta, Sunreap Sooji and rice flour in a bowl.

Step 2Add milk. Mix it carefully not making any lumps. Keep the mixture for half an hour.

Step 3Heat the non stick pan. Put a little oil. Pour a thin layer of the mixture on it and spread it quickly with the laddle.

Step 4Put the filling lengthwise at the center of it and roll it. Wait till the colour is light brown.

Step 5Place it on the plate. Serve hot or cold. (You can pour condensed milk over it before serving.)

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Recipe by Megha Sharma