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Sunreap Baked Litti & Chokha

Recipe by Moumita Ghosh

30 min 2 Moderately Spicy Main Ingredient: Sunreap Atta & Sattu Cuisine: Indian Fusion


Preparing: 30 min


For Litti :

1 cup Sunreap Whole Wheat flour Or Atta

1 tsp Ajwain(carom seeds)

2 tbsp Oil

1/2 tsp Baking soda

1/4 tsp Baking powder

3/4 tsp Salt

2 cups warm water, depends on the quality of flour, add as much as you need to make a firm dough

For Stuffing :

1/2 cup Sattu

1 tsp Grated Ginger

2-4 Green Chilies chopped

1/2 cup finely chopped Coriander Leaves

1 tsp roasted Jeera powder

1 tsp roasted Coriander powder

1 tbsp Mustard Oil

2 tbsp Pickle spice

1 tsp Lemon juice

Salt add to taste

For Chokha :

1 Potato boiled and peeled

1 Eggplant

2 Tomatoes

5-6 large cloves of Garlic

1 large Onion chopped

2-4 Green Chilies

1 tbsp grated ginger

2 tpsp coriander leaves

1 tbsp Mustard Oil

Salt – add to taste

Nutrition Facts


Prepare Dough for Litti :

Step 1Sieve the Atta and add all the ingredients. Knead it into a not too soft dough with the help of warm water.

Step 2Cover the dough and keep aside for 30 minutes.

Preparing the Stuffing :

Step 1Take Sattu in a bowl. Add all the spices and grated ginger, green chilies, coriander, lemon juice, and mix well. If it seems too dry add a tbsp of water to it. The texture should be crumbly, but not runny at all.

Step 2Keep aside.

Shaping & Stuffing Litti :

Step 1After 30 minutes knead the dough again and divide into 8 parts. Make smooth balls with each part, shape into a bowl of uniform thickness of 2 mm.

Step 2Fill 2-3 tsp of the filling and form the litti by closing its mouth and making near round balls.

Baking the Litti :

Step 2Preheat the microwave @ 180 degree Celsius for 2 minutes. Now bake the litti for 15 to 20 minutes.(Time varies upon the microwaves)

Step 2After 15 minutes check by pressing a litti. If it's crunchy and breaking easily then it's done. Now remove the littis from the oven and drizzle some ghee on the top.

Making Chokha :

Step 1Peel the boiled potato and mash with hands or masher. Keep aside.

Step 2Now roast eggplant, garlic and tomatoes on either the gas flame or simply in an oven. On the flame, it will take around 12-15 minutes on medium flame. And in an oven, it takes around 20-25 minutes. Allow them to cool. Peel the skins keep them in a bowl and mash with a spoon. Add in the spices, salt, oil and mix properly. Add in mashed potatoes. Just mix everything gently with hands.

Step 3Chokha is ready to be served.

  About the Author

Recipe by Moumita Ghosh

I'm an Indian Bengali HomeMaker. I had spent her Infancy and childhood under the supervision of grandmother, mother & aunt. So obviously I grew up with good culture, education, etiquette and proper eating. Cooking was I passion and it has the influence of my Grandmother, mother. After the wedding, I used to cook different varieties of food for my husband and this makes me extremely happy. Now I'm trying to make more people relish the happiness and this is a small effort in regards to the same. I'm a mother of 2.5yrs old. he is in nursery. it's really tough for me, to do blogging including cooking, platting, shooting videos/photos with him. so i use his school time to do my blogging job. and it's not at all hectic, it gives me immense pleasure. it's my stress buster.. i actually love my job.

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