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Narkel Dudhe Puisaag

Recipe by Panchali Dutta

30 min 4 Moderately Spicy Main Ingredient: Sunreap Besan Cuisine: Indian Fusion


Preparing: 30 min


puishak 1/2 kg (basella leaf)

2 cups

coconut milk

1/2 cup

grated coconut

1 cup

sunreap matar besan

salt and sugar (as per taste)

6/7 pcs slited green chilli

1/2 cup sweet gourd (longcut)

1/2 cup potato (longcut)

1 tbs kasuri methi ( fresh or dry)

1 tsp chopped green chilli

1 tsp panchforon


1 tsp turmeric powder

Nutrition Facts


Step 1At first roast the chana besan till its becomes aromatically roasted. Then put off the gas and shift the roasted besan in a dry dish.

Step 2Now in a kadai , add 1 cup water and let it boil.

Step 3Put 1 tbs oil, salt , /1/4 tsp sugar, whole jeera, ajwain, home made chena/paneer and roasted besan. Stir continuously. When the besan mix absorbs all the water put off the flame and let it cool in a dish. Add chopped coriander

green chilli and ginger to the besan dough in a bowl and knead well.

Step 4Grease oil on the dough and Flatten it on cooking slab with the help of your palm upto 1cm thick. When it becomes evenly flat, cut in the shape of barfi. Your besan and chena dhoka is ready to fry.

Step 5Deep fry the dhoka pieces and when the colour turns reddish, shift the pieces in a bowl.

Step 6Now in 2 tsp oil, add tejpatta and whole jeera in a wok. When it starts to splutter, add tomato paste. cook this till the tomato paste starts realeasing some oil. Now add ginger paste , green peas, hing, radhuni paste and all the powdered masalas. When aroma releases from that masalas, add hot water to make gravy. Let it boil for few minutes.

Step 7Add the fried dhoka pieces. After 2/3 minutes , add the chopped coriander and garam masala powder. Turn the flame to low and place a lid on the kadai and after 1 minute turn off the gas. Serve with your favourite rice or paratha dish.

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Recipe by Panchali Dutta I am food journalist as well as culinary artist specially working on the lost recipes of Bengal. I do participate in different cookery workshops on various tv channels , radio and restaurants. I am also invited as a guest in different food related progs. Companies invite me in their different projects to promote their brand. Instagram | Facebook