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Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie with Sattu

Recipe by Parinaaz Marolia

5 min 2 Sweet Main Ingredient: Sunreap Sattu


Preparing: 5 min


1/2 cup hazelnuts, pureed

1/2 cup sattu flour

1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 cup plant based milk (I used oats milk)

4-5 ice cubes

2 pitted dates

Nutrition Facts


Step 1Toss the sattu flour, pitted dates,plant milk, cocoa powder, ice cubes and hazelnut puree into a blender and blitz.

Step 2Pour the thick smoothie into a glass and garnish with grated dark chocolate and crushed hazelnuts.

Step 3Serve chilled.

  About the Author

Recipe by Parinaaz Marolia HR turned Food Blogger who is very passionate about Teaching and Kids. Though being an HR for 12 years, I always wanted to follow my passion for Cooking everything healthy and focusing on regional recipes of India. Instagram | Facebook