Super fine texture for delicious snacks and sweets.

Maida is very versatile and the core ingredient of several Indian sweets and savouries. The quality of Maida used is what determines the taste and texture of your sweets or snacks.

Swiss Technology, Fine Texture

Sunreap Maida is made from a blend of premium-qualty wheat grains which ensures consistency in the maida dough.

Excellent sieving to give your maida dough the perfect consistency

Superior crumb and texture in your snacks and sweets. A fine flour that can be used for fine baking, and great pastries.A delicious crust and crackle to your favourite snacks

What makes our Maida special

  • Sunreap Maida has very fine and uniform texture ensuring soft and consistent dough for any type of snack.
  • Sunreap Maida is your reliable ingredient to turn out delicious Indian breads such as luchi, naan, paratha, kulcha, bhatura, or snacks such as samosa. The flour gives a rich and fresh taste to the soft breads or a crispy crackle to the snacks, every single time.
  • Sunreap Maida is the best flour that you can use for all your baking needs at home. Whether you are baking bread, cake or any form of pastry, the flour will rise to the occasion every time delivering superior taste, crust, crumble and glow to the dish.